We are a group of dedicated yoga practitioners first, and passionate about teaching the beauty, relevancy and efficacy of this ancient spiritual practice.  This dedication to the practice and to learning allows us to offer our students classes that are directed toward self discovery and with the true goal of yoga in mind, self realization.

We are sincere about offering yoga to all levels of students.  Please visit us soon!

Laura Mullin, Co-Owner
Certified Yoga Instructor

After teaching fitness and dance for 10 years, Laura began practicing yoga in 1999.  She instantly fell in love with the practice and philosophy of yoga.  In 2001 she completed a 500 hour teacher training and internship at the Yoga Womb in Concord, Ca.  Since then she has taught full time in her own studios in Sacramento and Clayton as well as a few other local yoga centers.  In 2011, she received Shaktipat from Shri Anandi Ma at the Dhyan Yoga Center (www.dyc.org) and began training in the Kundalini Maha Yoga tradition.  Through her teachers Shri Anandi Ma and Dileepji , Laura continues to learn advanced yoga and meditation practices.  She says these teachers are her role models, and give her the ideal example of surrender and service that inspires her own teaching. 

Laura’s classes are challenging, and fun, and aim to guide the student toward meditation through breath and movement.  She honors the tradition of yoga, and teaches the relevancy of the ancient path in our modern world.  Her classes are inspired by the transformational and uplifting benefits that yoga has to offer.  

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Shelly Bettencourt, Co-Owner
Certified Yoga Instructor

Shelly began practicing yoga almost 10 years ago.  After working many years in the corporate legal world, she decided to pursue her passion for yoga as a career and received her 200 hour yoga certification through Yoga Works. She received an additional Yin Yoga certification with Yoga Works Instructor, Christy Brown. 

Shelly continues her yoga education by taking seminars such as Relax and Renew with Judith Lassiter and Yoga Therapy with Gary Kraftsow.  Shelly really enjoys teaching Beginner Yoga classes and helping students find the peace and joy in yoga.  She also enjoys teaching Yin Yoga to students of all levels.  She believes that the yin style poses help students go deeper into their yoga practice by introducing elements of meditation and relaxation while holding seated postures that are extremely beneficial for the joints, ligaments and connective tissues.

Wes Linch
Certified Yoga Instructor

Wes Linch was introduced to Yoga and Eastern philosophy over 8 years ago in a desire to know more about himself. He quickly discovered the benefits of Yoga far exceed open hips. Wes is a Vinyasa Flow instructor, having received over 700 hours of training through Yogaworks and Yoga Sol. He completed a 6 month mentorship with Mynx Inatsugu and continued to assist her for a year. In 2011, Wes received Shaktipat by Shri Anandi Ma and began studying a traditional tantric lineage called Kundalini Maha Yoga.

Wes focuses primarily on bridging the gap between breath, alignment,
and awareness through movement. He aims to make the energy of the
practice relevant on and off the mat by introducing traditional yogic
teachings with a modern twist. His classes are fun, sweaty,
challenging, full of great humor and heart.


Michi Clements
Certified Yoga Instructor

Michi is a certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist. As the daughter of a Buddhist priest, she was taught from an early age to be humble and gracious to all living things. Michi felt an instant body, mind and spirit connection when taking her first vinyasa class in 2003 and has been a devoted student ever since. After studying with many wonderful Bay Area teachers, she ventured down that path herself to teach others. Michi focuses on integration of breath and movement, alignment and internal awareness. As a result, she has developed a style of teaching that is both nurturing and challenging. A firm advocate of the healing powers of yoga, Michi became a yoga therapist in 2012 studying at the Niroga Institute. Michi truly believes that an integrated yoga practice can bring out the best qualities in every individual. 

Kate Douglas
Certified Yoga Instructor

Kate has been a dedicated practitioner for twelve years. She found her passion for the practice in high school, and continued it through her college years. After completing a degree in Psychology at San Francisco State University, Kate decided to deepen her practice in the hopes of sharing the important aspects of yoga such as self-awareness, compassion, and the overall de-stressing effect it has on the system. Through the 500-hour Yoga Works teacher training program, she was able to study with great teachers from such backgrounds as Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Viniyoga. After her major trainings, Kate went on to study Restorative yoga to deepen her understanding of gentler approaches to the practice. She has now been teaching for five years, and hopes to expand her practice to more therapeutic approaches- expressing that everyone, at any age, can gain many life-long benefits from yoga.

Gardenia Gonzalez Gil
Certified Yoga Instructor

Gardenia started practicing yoga in 1999.  After only a few classes she noticed a profound feeling of balance, peace and well being.  She became a dedicated practitioner and today has no doubt that yoga helps her stay balanced, focused and healthy.  After many years learning diverse yoga styles like Vinyasa, Shadow and Iyengar, she decided to share her knowledge with others and received her 500 hour yoga teaching certification, as well as an additional 50 hours Yin Yoga teacher certification, both through Yoga Works.  Gardenia's classes focus on proper alignment, coordination of breath and movement and mindfulness.  She also loves teaching Yin Yoga, which not only helps students develop flexibility and keep their joints healthy, but also brings about feelings of lightness and relaxation.